Get Involved


There are a variety of ways to get involved in the Commission’s work; below are four opportunities.  If you have any questions or other ideas that would help advance the Commission’s work, please don’t hesitate to contact the Commissions 2023 Nominating Committee Chair: Stacey Smith

Organizational Membership | Member-at-Large | Research Panel | Independent Volunteers

Organizational Membership Opportunities:

Organizations whose mission is to serve Public Relations practitioners or educators are welcome to explore membership on the Commission.

Membership organizations are responsible for promoting the Commission’s mission, sharing resources, and actively participating in meetings and initiatives.

Each membership organization is eligible to appoint two voting representatives who each may cast a vote in Commission matters. Representatives can serve as many terms as determined appropriate by the membership organization and approved by the Commission A minimum of one representative should attend meetings and be responsible for regularly providing Commission updates to their membership organizations.

In general, organizations representing educators are encouraged to appoint educators as their representatives, associations representing practitioners are encouraged to appoint practitioners as their representatives, and associations representing students are encouraged to appoint students as their representatives. Organizations with both practitioner and educator members are encouraged to appoint one educator and one practitioner or choose other combinations that best reflect their membership.

Organizational membership is automatically renewed each calendar year, unless an organization has been terminated.  The Steering Committee will reach out each year to solicit the two representatives.

Member-at-Large Membership Opportunities:

Individual membership is available on the Commission through its “member-at-large” positions.  These are available to those who do not have organization affiliation or whose organization already has other representation.  Member-at-large members bring unique qualities and diversity that may be lacking to Commission membership.

On the recommendation of the Nominating Committee, the Commission’s Steering Committee appoints At-Large members. At-Large Members have voting rights in matters of the CPRE.  They do not represent a specific member organization. A member-at-large serves as a liaison to the community of public relations educators and practitioners at large. Responsibilities may change as needed to fulfill board requirements and address overall CPRE goals.

At-Large members are expected to promote CPRE’s mission, attend CPRE meetings, and engage in CPRE initiatives.

Research Panel Membership:

Beginning in 2023, The Commission created a standing research panel — a career-long commitment, a way of giving back easily and quickly.  Up to four times a year, Panel members will be asked to complete a survey on a subject of interest to Commission researchers.  For the most part, these will be brief, targeted surveys on a topic.  Every five years or so, the Commission completes its Signature survey.  All panel members will be asked to complete this more lengthy survey. Panel members are asked to keep the Commission informed about email changes so that it can find you when needed.  To apply to be a Panelist, you must first complete the “screening survey” that will assure you meet all the criteria necessary to be a panelist.

To be considered for the Panel, a practitioner must complete a screening survey which can be accessed at:

Independent Volunteers:

Though all Commission members are volunteers, those who are appointed by their organization or a member-at-large attend quarterly Commission meetings, have voting privileges and other responsibilities as part of their work. The Commission also welcomes independent (non-Commission member) volunteers to work on its committees (e.g., Research, Summits, DEI, etc.).  This does not require attendance at the Commission meetings nor afford voting privileges This is a great way to get to know Commission members and an excellent first step toward becoming a full Commission member if so desired.

For more information on joining/working with the Commission, please contact:  and include “Interest in membership” in the subject line.  You can also contact either of the co-chairs or the immediate past co-chair for more information (link to current leadership list)