The Professional Bond

This report, like earlier reports of the Commission on Public Relations Education, presents recommendations for public relations undergraduate and graduate education. But beyond this traditional purpose, “The Professional Bond” report demonstrates, facilitates and encourages the kind of linking of public relations education and practice that is the hallmark of any profession. Based on five waves of original research, The Professional Bond  was a first CPRE report to address in detail the topics of ethics, diversity, communication technology, and distance learning among others.

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A Call to Action

How to get the most out of the Report

“The Professional Bond – Public Relations Education and The Practice” has been developed to serve the interests of a spectrum of audiences – students, educators, university administrators, practitioners and, by extension, the leaders of the many kinds of organizations committed to public relations as a management function.

Although the Commission believes that the reader will derive full benefit of the report by reading all of its sections consecutively, we have listed the contents on this page to facilitate an initial selection according to your primary interests. Too, an Executive Summary is provided as an overview of the report contents.

However, the Commission recommends that every reader review and carefully consider the “Call to Action” section. This section presents a list of suggestions vital to attaining the report’s mission of strengthening the bond between public relations education and the practice.