CPRE 2021 Industry/Educator Summit Report

Download Report: CPRE 2021 Summit Report

Overview: The 2021-22 Spotlight Reports expanded the 2017 Fast Forward research and recommendations through conversations with the expert chapter teams.  Featured are bast practices for public relations writing, online teaching, ethics education, and public relations technology trends; and insights into the needs of public relations adjunct teachers.

  1. Public Relations Faculty are a Resource to be Nurtured
    A survey of adjuncts and recommendations on how to better structure and involve adjuncts
  1. Public Relations Education Online: Challenges and Opportunities
  2. Writing Work Group Report: Understanding Writing Preparation and Skills for Entry-Level Public Relations Practitioners
  3. CPRE Fast Forward: Ethics Education: Recommendations for the PR Curriculum
  4. Unicorns and Phone Calls: A Convo about the Evolution of Technology Trends